What should you expect from having your document proofread?

As a proofreader, I work thoroughly through your document to find and correct anything that does not comply with your chosen style or the conventional rules of spelling,
grammar and punctuation. I also look for any ambiguous or unclear meaning,
inconsistencies and anything that could be a potential error. In this final stage before
publication, I make sure your text is exactly as you intended before it reaches the eyes of your readers. 

What do I use?

For on-screen proofreading, I use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature and Adobe
Acrobat Reader for PDF documents.

Track Changes allows me to correct the errors myself and explain any significant changes I make, providing you with the option to accept or reject these changes. For Adobe Acrobat Reader I use annotations and sticky notes to highlight the error in question and explain the revisions needed.

If you require proofreading on paper, I am familiar with the British Standards Institution (BSI) proof-correction marks.

How does it work?

If you’ve finished having a look around my website, start a conversation with me! I will answer any questions you have, but if you feel ready to get the ball rolling on proofreading your project, email me with the information I’ve detailed on the contact page.

I will respond as soon as possible to further establish the details of the project and ensure we’re both happy to be working together. Once all of this is confirmed and we’re ready to go, send over your document and I’ll get to work.

I will proofread your document and send it back over to you, along with an invoice, by our agreed deadline.

As every client and their work is different, prices, deadlines and requirements will vary. We will work together to establish all of the details and you will have the chance to review everything before any work goes ahead.

If you have any questions or need any assurance, you are more than welcome to get in touch!

Any document that you publish should always be proofread to ensure that the content you share with the world is at the highest standard it can be, and I am passionate about
helping people achieve that.

If you have text that needs a fresh pair of eyes and a dedicated mindset, send me an enquiry!